The online world of SUBVERSE is a vibrant, free-market virtual reality where anything goes.


A kaleidoscope of competing styles.

That's why we want YOU to collaborate.

Designers, Animators, Artists, Screwballs, Pimps and Freaks.


1. Download the GREEN SCREEN EDIT of the SBVRS trip from VIMEO.

    (Click the 'Download' button beneath the video and choose 'Original')

2. Re-design. Re-animate. Take Max wherever you want him to go.

    You can create an entire scene or a single frame. It's up to you.

3. Send us your clip and we'll upload to our blog and SBVRS Gallery

     including a link to your reel. Or you can share it with the hashtag #SBVRS

4. If we like what we see, we’ll RE-EDIT our movie to include YOUR SCENE!

--  Remember! We’re not looking for expensive Hollywood VFX.

    We just care about originality, imagination and a twisted sense of humor.

Want to take a crack at Sound Design or Scoring?

Isolated SOUND FX and MUSIC stems can be found HERE for your personal experiments.

Want to create SUBTITLES in your language?

You can use the 'add translation' button on our official YouTube channel HERE.

If you're keen to help in other ways, we’d love to hear from you.